Savior, Steve Deutsch

In her last yearsmom took to the lotterylike a robed devoteetakes to prayer. Each morning at elevenshe would darken the boxesof the day’s lottery picks,carefully transcribingfrom a penciled crib sheet.She would no morehave the computer choose numbersthan make her coffeein one of thoseautomated eyesoressoon to leave our planetknee-deep in plastic pods. Every eveningshe would stationContinue reading “Savior, Steve Deutsch”

Bibelot, Steve Deutsch

Yours was notan easy death.Ampules of morphinelined the icebox shelves amid the chaos of beer bottlesand rancid cheese.How many who wished youthat unremitting pain, would have paidto hear you scream?I did not stayfor your final performance, inheriting as a consolationa box of unpaid billsand odds and endsof your torturous life. One was the amuletyou woreContinue reading “Bibelot, Steve Deutsch”