Taxonomy, Shaun Turner

My memaw was born in a community named Letterbox,because, for a time, the residents took their mailfrom wood or tin letterboxes they’d nailed to the trees.There was a Letterbox School.My memaw, for a time, learned her letters there.Now, they call the community Parrot, like the bird.In our neck of the Rockcastle, community names morph. Eventually,Continue reading “Taxonomy, Shaun Turner”

Birds are Vanishing from North America, Shaun Turner

headline from the New York Times, 9/19/19 Have you noticed their absence, too? The blurof beak and wing no longerrising en masse from a field of sweettimothy? It’s so easy to get usedto change and live along with itsvibrations. The mockingbird at my grandma’s old house,he doesn’t sing. Instead, he rumbleslike an escavator. * ShaunContinue reading “Birds are Vanishing from North America, Shaun Turner”