I Don’t Know Me, Purbasha Roy

I don’t know meHow can Iall I am is compilation of bonesof all ancestorswho vanished in airmy tears are dry windsi didn’t get to seehoroscopes of all tensesfrozen in shadows of clock handsmy skin misses smellOf all the summersreflectedon depths of cotton nostalgiasmagnifying glass above faded letterstumbling oceans beneath my feetcolours of offingthese calculating handsflingedContinue reading “I Don’t Know Me, Purbasha Roy”

Blue, Purbasha Roy

I have seen more skiesthan what my eyesever could absorbso I know much bluei tie rain beads in my hairat end of thirsty braidshumming songs of oceansremembering shadows of skiesquiet blue of the noonstiptoes inside corridors of eyesdandelion seeds drift in maturing sunlightreinventing blue quiddity of pallettein grisaille canvas shards * Purbasha Roy is aContinue reading “Blue, Purbasha Roy”