Bodies of the Living, Gerald Yelle

I was telling him how much I was going to miss him, but in truth he wasn’t going anywhere. Just growing up. And he grew into someone so much different from what he was. I try to picture the stages of his development. I remember that his baby teeth hadn’t fallen out, they just hungContinue reading “Bodies of the Living, Gerald Yelle”

Impossible Passages #93, Glen Armstrong

Impossible Passages #93 My socks are damp and knees are melting. I would welcome a CAT scan or a bee sting. No one has fallen in love with me for days, and the neighbors’ dogs have grown complacent, perceiving me as more of a late summer breeze than a threat. The fortune tellers never speakContinue reading “Impossible Passages #93, Glen Armstrong”

A World of Pain, Howie Good

Blindfolded ponies pull steel carts of stupendous weight while being tormented by slaughterhouse flies. I let it all in, all the red dots, all the cries of pain, all the sickening smells. In reaction, faceless functionaries have revoked my membership in the Cloud Society. I just pretend it didn’t happen, isn’t happening still. Clouds passContinue reading “A World of Pain, Howie Good”