sleep paralysis on the night of midsummer, Kailey Tedesco

i slept fretful, something awful. there’s still a goose-egg on my foreheadfrom my falling days. good morning from the mezzanine; the whole house shatters from its own falsetto. or soprano. i could never knowthe difference. bela lugosi had clara bow painted naked, but without asking her to pose. he had a painter paint her nakedContinue reading “sleep paralysis on the night of midsummer, Kailey Tedesco”

Birds are Vanishing from North America, Shaun Turner

headline from the New York Times, 9/19/19 Have you noticed their absence, too? The blurof beak and wing no longerrising en masse from a field of sweettimothy? It’s so easy to get usedto change and live along with itsvibrations. The mockingbird at my grandma’s old house,he doesn’t sing. Instead, he rumbleslike an escavator. * ShaunContinue reading “Birds are Vanishing from North America, Shaun Turner”

Another Glass of Lemonade, Jacob Butlett

Early autumn digs its knees into the surroundingfoothills, sewing airy seeds of frost across alfalfafields, birch tree groves, dogwood forests, graygoldenrod glens. Warm air shivers below wispy clouds, whose hair half-hides the sallow cheeks of the sun.A screeching breeze races down the gravel roadwithout yielding to the shrews scurrying past,without pausing to pray to theContinue reading “Another Glass of Lemonade, Jacob Butlett”

How You Led the Ambush, Lannie Stabile

(a double acrostic) Here is how you led the ambush:one, exposed like twowounded lips, lying in the raw detritus of a lawless battlefield.Only you decided to go in the middle of a quarter-note I can’t fling from these music-less hands. Listen to the bells peelamong the slaughtered ariawe knew once. A rhythmic ra ta tatContinue reading “How You Led the Ambush, Lannie Stabile”

A Center of Things, Larry Thacker

As I’ve arrived homein the evenings lately,a pair of rabbits are sometimes outin the next door field, near the same spot, the center of things,among clover islandsand where the hard rains gather upinto a tiny temporary pond. There is no cover out there.Safety is a goodly sprint offto the wood lines. They show little signContinue reading “A Center of Things, Larry Thacker”

growth, Sierra Danielle

a year ago today i dreamed about a timeI would stop chasing chrysanthemumsin the middle of winter. i woke up lost, but as lightfound its way to the palms of my hands,i climbed the only ladder that stands, and today i watch the chrysanthemums growinto roses and lilies. i was told. sometimes i still lookContinue reading “growth, Sierra Danielle”

Venus of Neptune Beach, Cassie Hottenstein

Home is the rush of high tide.Foam churns at her feet,sea the color of black tea takenwith frothy milk. The sky smells of mild morning musk,a familiar tang pressed against her lips.Waves beckon; she begins the daily ritual,her bath, sacrificing herself to the salty brew,freshly freckled skin puckering in the cold,steeping. A backwards Botticelli,she returnsContinue reading “Venus of Neptune Beach, Cassie Hottenstein”

Repeated Addition, Jacob Butlett

I found numbers at the park today.Eight red maples gestured toward sixteencedars, twenty-four cottonwoods gesturedtoward thirty-two bitternut hickories. Five red-headed woodpeckers drilledfifteen holes, ten earthworms dug thirtyholes. Sixty-five honeybees flew outof four hives, three hundred and twenty-five harvester ants crawled out of twenty anthills.Three dozen pink coneflowers flutteredin the sun, four dozen black-eyed Susansswayed inContinue reading “Repeated Addition, Jacob Butlett”