Life Remains On, Patricia Walsh

Nerves shredded in a beating car,the announced event puts its red shoes on,bringing up statuses to eventually abuse,the stolen church buildings lie in ruins. This doesn’t interest me at all. Amusing though,the various appendages laughing out loud,wading through destiny to a total annihilationgutting advice remains at the door. Good taste and food, free to takeContinue reading “Life Remains On, Patricia Walsh”

Extra Cold, Patricia Walsh

Extra Cold This sickly blue sky, not stopping the rot,or even the frost, better as it may,juxtaposed with the higher order,that is the bar, the attic-high presecription,that sinks everyone’s sorrow, one pint at a time. Getting good near the end, carded for less,anxious to read the riot act over another,taking from wall-hangings a signature strip,pre-emptiveContinue reading “Extra Cold, Patricia Walsh”