Finding Myself, Jacob Butlett

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw Where did I leave it? I wonder in the kitchen.It’s not under the inverted teacup or unwashedcoffee mug—not in its domed domicilelike an Eskimo snoring in an igloo. I walkinto the hallway, but I don’t see it sittingin the painting onContinue reading “Finding Myself, Jacob Butlett”

Another Glass of Lemonade, Jacob Butlett

Early autumn digs its knees into the surroundingfoothills, sewing airy seeds of frost across alfalfafields, birch tree groves, dogwood forests, graygoldenrod glens. Warm air shivers below wispy clouds, whose hair half-hides the sallow cheeks of the sun.A screeching breeze races down the gravel roadwithout yielding to the shrews scurrying past,without pausing to pray to theContinue reading “Another Glass of Lemonade, Jacob Butlett”

Repeated Addition, Jacob Butlett

I found numbers at the park today.Eight red maples gestured toward sixteencedars, twenty-four cottonwoods gesturedtoward thirty-two bitternut hickories. Five red-headed woodpeckers drilledfifteen holes, ten earthworms dug thirtyholes. Sixty-five honeybees flew outof four hives, three hundred and twenty-five harvester ants crawled out of twenty anthills.Three dozen pink coneflowers flutteredin the sun, four dozen black-eyed Susansswayed inContinue reading “Repeated Addition, Jacob Butlett”