Smoky Quartz (SiO2), J. MacBain

nearbysap, leaves, treesheat a cauldron in their perfectdecay the tops of buildings grow out of mountainsradiance absorbingthe nature equation steel + foliage =a red carpet entrancea brightness we rarely achievenothing real and achingspends $26 on berry bars People rush into offices, store theirpotential build an emotional bridge Egyptian styleopen wounds and draggingthe stones which alwaysContinue reading “Smoky Quartz (SiO2), J. MacBain”

Halite (NaCl), J. MacBain

a girl in leatherlays down in theclub bathroomhandle my side ribssoft andhail rock n rolla tiny fever dreamI cannot feel others carefullyessential for Saturday morningtear hangovershoverbut do not leaveshe’s an anchor addicther diet heavy with thewill to dissolveif cleansed by watermy nervous systemfalters, too muchdamage scrubbingdirty windowsteaching thewhys of pollution * J. MacBain-Stephens lives inContinue reading “Halite (NaCl), J. MacBain”

Angelite (CaSO4), J. MacBain

“Named after Angela the partner of the person who discovered the stone”For Ken when you say you are exploringtrail I see a wolf who calms meeases my constrictions steady and attentiveleading but alwaysreturning to the pack your back:stones blending into water eyes changing from brown to greenunearthly sparkle shoulders under a harvest mooncarrying such weightContinue reading “Angelite (CaSO4), J. MacBain”