What Makes the Dark So Dark, Howie Good

You didn’t look like you anymore. I wasn’t there even when I was. We were living a life of shadows, of echoes, and with some particles capable of switching between the two. “Hey,” the train conductor said, “you all right?” I was like yes, yes, yes, I want to do this. Out the window, IContinue reading “What Makes the Dark So Dark, Howie Good”

A World of Pain, Howie Good

Blindfolded ponies pull steel carts of stupendous weight while being tormented by slaughterhouse flies. I let it all in, all the red dots, all the cries of pain, all the sickening smells. In reaction, faceless functionaries have revoked my membership in the Cloud Society. I just pretend it didn’t happen, isn’t happening still. Clouds passContinue reading “A World of Pain, Howie Good”