Requiem for J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, Glen Armstrong

I will be calm.Here are the first two pages from my three-year calmness plan. I will strive to understandthe sort of thistle that ends up in cemeteries.I will talk about small white horsesand support the Church of the SubGeniuswith the same satirical vigor that brought the organizationinto existence. I will avoid singerswho pound imaginary marriagecounselorsContinue reading “Requiem for J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, Glen Armstrong”

Mulholland Drive, Glen Armstrong

Mulholland Drive I am talking about what.In fact gets said about talking.And arriving.My conclusions are pretty.Out there.Like nebulae or David.Lynch’s reminders that art.And that which art depicts swap.Swimsuits more often than we.Realize. We arrive at a secret.Performance of Roy Orbison’s.“Crying” in the middle of the night.Because this world is made.Of light and polyester.It turns onContinue reading “Mulholland Drive, Glen Armstrong”

Impossible Passages #93, Glen Armstrong

Impossible Passages #93 My socks are damp and knees are melting. I would welcome a CAT scan or a bee sting. No one has fallen in love with me for days, and the neighbors’ dogs have grown complacent, perceiving me as more of a late summer breeze than a threat. The fortune tellers never speakContinue reading “Impossible Passages #93, Glen Armstrong”