“What Is the Way to Be Very Quiet but NOT Antisocial About It?”, Ace Boggess

we have learned the alien language of self- erasure. still as if studying a book though no words fill a page before us with their sorrow & small talk. who interrupts our seated dancing, enjoyment of a song we don’t recognize over the in-house stereo? strangers talk to us whether we savor it or don’t,Continue reading ““What Is the Way to Be Very Quiet but NOT Antisocial About It?”, Ace Boggess”

Forgive Me, Ace Boggess

for sharing my will for a deadened heart,lust-numb understanding,when you wished incineration from within; for being a body that lay next to your body,not of your body any morethan the Persian is of the lioness; for having right words to eradicatestinging weeds you carried with you,never vines you dangled after; for neither acknowledging nor counteringContinue reading “Forgive Me, Ace Boggess”

The New Summer, Ace Boggess

Can’t stray in heat beyond a single cigarette.Sweat pulls its raincoat tight against your chest.Pollen’s a noxious vapor more chthonic than parachuting.The paper reports Lone Star ticks are spreading this year,ones that change your body so you can’t eat meat.Weatherman says spring is the new summer,which must make summer the coming ruin.Dog days will leaveContinue reading “The New Summer, Ace Boggess”

“Do You Hang Out with Any of the Old Bunch?”, Ace Boggess

(question asked by Amy Sturm) Easy to crave the road leading back,thumb a lift through our historytoward the last town, faces familiarif blurred & yellow in old photos.We should go there sometime,scouting memories hiding behind shrubs,holding comfort hands & waiststo protect each other from curseswe laid upon our lives long ago. I’ve encountered strangers,stranger likeContinue reading ““Do You Hang Out with Any of the Old Bunch?”, Ace Boggess”