A friend of mine calls me Hipster Santa Claus because I love making lists. It started as a kid when I would make mix tapes & mix CDs for friends. I would hand-write track listings on the back of paper CD sleeves or index cards.

When I moved to Denver, CO, I started making mix CDs & leaving them all over the city. The sleeves had a link on them which would direct people to online track lists. Now I use Spotify for my music mixes.

I also keep lists of books I’ve read & films I’ve seen, & I keep a list of my favorite must-see films. You can find my Spotify mixes under the name cassetiquette. I’ll leave the music mixes over there. I’ve decided to start keeping film & literature lists here. Hopefully, you can find a hidden gem you enjoy & discover a new author or director. These lists also serve as an idea of my aesthetic & what I am drawn to in art.

Happy discovering!

Films watched in December 2019 while recovering from back surgery

Films watched in 2020

Books read in 2020

Must-See Movies

Books read after foot surgery (06/2018-12/2018)

Books read in 2019

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