In the La Solana Laundromat of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Jackson Culpepper

            The blue desert sky is untouchable, though the Sangre de Cristos reach their arms up shawled with ponderosa, embroidered with aspen. Down the slopes the desert meets them with fragrant juniper and piñon, then come the adobe houses, some rich, some poor and fewer of those among the old acequias down to the riverContinue reading “In the La Solana Laundromat of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Jackson Culpepper”

Through the Exhausting Nights, Batnadiv HaKarmi

Lars sleeps, a chthonic lump in the center of the bed. He is a black hole, swallowing the slumber from the room.Jan tries to get to bed early enough to catch the post-bedtime uneasy silence. She can hear Beth’s restless stirring, her radar on duty just in case Mommy might spend time with Baby withoutContinue reading “Through the Exhausting Nights, Batnadiv HaKarmi”

We All Do That, Batnadiv HaKarmi

A parakeet is trapped in the stairway. She hears it beat its wings against the walls, like a moth hitting the light. Her husband stands at the bottom of the stairs, hands shielding his face, afraid to come up.The parakeet’s squawks become the cries of their ninety-year-old neighbor, screaming at her caretaker. Screaming “Where amContinue reading “We All Do That, Batnadiv HaKarmi”

Quoth the Raven, Batnadiv HaKarmi

As always, three crows perch in the center of the telephone wire curving over the street. Jan can feel their beady eyes following her as she hurries to pick up Beth from her fourth day of nursery. They always watch.Outside the nursery, a raccoon-eyed woman feeds alley cats. Her peroxide hair is piled on herContinue reading “Quoth the Raven, Batnadiv HaKarmi”

Inverted, Batnadiv HaKarmi

The steady beat of the breast pump is like a metronome, measuring the moments. Each day feels longer and more fleeting. Baby is now seven weeks old. You’ll see, at six weeks there’s a jump, and suddenly they can latch. It’s like a reboot, said the lactation consultant . Yet here she is, still pumping.Continue reading “Inverted, Batnadiv HaKarmi”

Alison was Eaten by the Bears, Dakota Drake

Alison died exactly the way she wanted to die.She was killed and eaten by a mother bear and also by the mother’s cubs. Alison hadn’t been meaning to be killed and eaten that day, but once as a young woman she had hoped that when she was old, her life well spent, she would beContinue reading “Alison was Eaten by the Bears, Dakota Drake”