Evoke the Name of Oya Knowing she Married War Clothed in Storm: Tormenta and Torment Named her Love, gwendalynn roebke

Floss with a hurricane
Breeze between bicuspids
Bite wind
in two

Because she brought
Though fiends forget there were endings

Its a gift
Cradle the coast
Carry the sea
Sister all high honey
Takes attention away from tempest

Uproot all latched
Too loosely
To this land
Sing songs in her image
Pour reverence
Into gnashing sky

Redeem the breath
Of fury


Gwendalynn is a gender nonconforming multiracial Black femme who likes doing whatever the fuck they want… this mostly means listening to sad boi music in other languages and drinking some sort of warm beverage. Don’t be a tool, stay in school, and don’t be an elitist loser and think knowledge/school only exists in wack colonial capitalist institutions. 

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