The Roundest Moon, the Bluest Sky; Gerald Yelle

Nothing under the elm outside the beating of dissidents
and even then, you got to know

out of respect for the feelings of others, and fueled
by a burgeoning economy
under collective hypnotic amnesia

outside the window, following stars
following days beyond the plaza, inscribing plots

and locked in pockets, days contained
within the cycle

deep in the out box where the rub is, where children
having nothing to do with a cover-up

jump off the roof with their shifting nets of nerve.


Gerald Yelle’s books are The Holyoke Diaries (Future Cycle Press), Evolution for the Hell of It (Red Dashboard Press), Mark My Word and the New World Order (The Pedestrian Press), and Restaurant in Walking Distance and Everything (Cawing Crow Press). He teaches high school English and is a member of the Florence (MA) Poets Society. 

Gerald Yelle recommends “The Book” by Ben Loory.

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