I Don’t Know Me, Purbasha Roy

I don’t know me
How can I
all I am is compilation of bones
of all ancestors
who vanished in air
my tears are dry winds
i didn’t get to see
horoscopes of all tenses
frozen in shadows of clock hands
my skin misses smell
Of all the summers
on depths of cotton nostalgias
magnifying glass above faded letters
tumbling oceans beneath my feet
colours of offing
these calculating hands
flinged frayed warmth of embrace
abandoned ship at edge of galactical spins
what makes a life meaningful


Purbasha Roy is a poetess from Jharkhand, India.Featured in Teesta journal, Bewildering Stories and few anthologies from US publications. She loves to write. She is a nature photographer, and staring at skies is her favorite pastime.

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