Mulholland Drive, Glen Armstrong

Mulholland Drive

I am talking about what.
In fact gets said about talking.
And arriving.
My conclusions are pretty.
Out there.
Like nebulae or David.
Lynch’s reminders that art.
And that which art depicts swap.
Swimsuits more often than we.

We arrive at a secret.
Performance of Roy Orbison’s.
“Crying” in the middle of the night.
Because this world is made.
Of light and polyester.
It turns on a dime.
And what I’m.
Saying is being said through.
Hidden speakers.
That continue after I collapse.


Glen Armstrong holds an MFA in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and teaches writing at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He edits a poetry journal called Cruel Garters and has a current book of prose poems: Invisible Histories. His work has appeared in Poetry Northwest, Conduit, and Cream City Review.

Glen Armstrong recommends “Lust” by Gary Taxali.

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