Kyanite (Al2SiO5), J. MacBain

come back for me
hardness depends on a direction

I’ll be hot turbine and thin and turn in clover
meet this goat herder walking in parallel striations
she walks where she isn’t supposed to, tranquil
the rain water acts as a catalyst cuts roads into mud and quiet

her feet disappear into days
makes rapid links between all things


J. MacBain-Stephens lives in the Midwest and is the author of four full length poetry collections: “Your Best Asset is a White Lace Dress,” (Yellow Chair Press, 2016) “The Messenger is Already Dead,” (Stalking Horse Press, 2017,) “We’re Going to Need a Higher Fence,” tied for first place in the 2017 Lit Fest Book Competition, and “The Vitamix and the Murder of Crows,” is recently out from Apocalypse Party. Work has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. Recent work can be seen at or is forthcoming from The Pinch, Black Lawrence Press, Quiddity, Prelude, Cleaver, Yalobusha Review, Zone 3, and Grist.

J. MacBain had the following to say when asked to recommend artists:

“Here is the art I picked. Songwriter and artist Emily McGrath. Her paintings are big and bold and reflect the true energy emanating from nature. I am enclosing an image of her painting Southwest Sun, and I am also including a link to her song “Twin Flame.” Her songs are vulnerable and make your torso feel tight in all the right places.

“Emily McGrath is an artist, singer-songwriter, and educator in the Denver area. Originally from Northern Virginia, McGrath began to cultivate her creativity as a way to process difficult emotions and experiences. With no formal education in the arts, she sought out mentors and communities that would help facilitate her growth as a creative, finding that every time she pushed outside of her zone of familiarity, the powers-that-be were always there to open the next doors. The combination of simple acoustic recordings and an uncommon honesty in her lyrics create an intimacy she hopes will bring solace, humor, inspiration, and a sense of kinship to others in search for truth, love, and self awareness.”

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