At Times, Purbasha Roy

I picked a poem
lying beneath street lights
rain water burgling beneath my skin
it’s no surprise, I think of you
horizon washed by sentences
sprung up from voice of skies sailor
in waltz of verses
before meridian eyes
rainbows out of infinity’s frame
falls in empty spaces between syllables
i was told, stars touch moondust
in woods of silhouettes
unknown to metaphors dwindling in candles
smiles invent home on your cheeks
sunset wind sliced by auburn stanzas
you intended saying
make shapes of river waters
sound rhythmic like still breath
like hourglass in outer space
echoing pronunciation of silence
you spoke to hatching sunlight
in bosom of oblivion
entangled in requiem of wet autumn
i stand holding origami wishes
at frayed dream shores


Purbasha Roy is a poetess from Jharkhand, India.Featured in Teesta journal, Bewildering Stories and few anthologies from US publications. She loves to write. She is a nature photographer, and staring at skies is her favorite pastime.

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